Delivering Visual User Experience

Insights, ideas and technologies are most affective when applied in collaboration with factual data to enhance your company's brand. Our generated content, digital, visual, print, interior, graphic and environmental designs are powerful when they engage the consumers experience in response to offerings.

Continuous design improvement and testing based on rapid feedback and change


PROBLEM: Healthcare Barriers | SOLUTION: System Strengthening App

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Increase access to public health information system utilizing the SMAG Network for backend data collection to ensure accountability and transparency in monitoring and accurately tracking healthcare outcomes through solution-focused needs assessment, strategic planning, questionnaire/data collection design, survey deployment, database development, data analysis, interpretation, report generation and program evaluation.

MY ROLE: UI Lead and Visual Design Direction

Gara Brand Identity Process

Dgital Experience

PERSONAS: User survey and medical data aided in pinpointing app usage and reason. There are four main user types: Young Mother, Community Worker, Healthcare Provider and Transportation Provider. We cultivated the user flows based off each user's unique needs and how GARA could meet them.

Gara Personas

Gara Personas

PROTOTYPE: Designs and mocks based on user research are prototyped to reveal assumptions and biases to uncover insights about users. The results gathered allowed us to improve solutions or create new ones

Gara Personas

Community Unification Project

Establishing a common ownership of the economy through market access and the empowerment of low-income families.

Healthcare Basics
Daily Healthcare & Wellness Best Practice
Offer locals suggestions with the use of analogies and metaphors that together form the best possible solution without the use of medical jargon.
Water & Sanitation Standardization
Water & Sanitation Standardization
Create clean water access in rural communities where absent with visual guides serving as educational tools for hygiene best practices.
Building Nutritious Food Awareness
Building Nutritious Food Awareness
Generate access to fruits and vegetables at affordable prices while sharing the knowledge and skills to prepare these foods to complement their diet.
Agricultire & Agricultire Waste Management
Agriculture & Agriculture Waste Management
Implement control and use byproducts of agricultural production in a manner that sustains or enhances the quality of air, water, soil, plant, and animal resources.
Harnessing the Power of Communication
Harnessing the Power of Communication
Listen, being mindful of non-verbal communication through the use of decisive, constructive engagement to reduce misunderstanding.
Normalizing Renewable Energy Usage
Normalizing Renewable Energy Usage
Generate environmental and economic benefits with low or zero greenhouse gas emissions and less pollution for a low-carbon society.

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